Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My first Resin kit - Strike Evolve - My Graduation gift to self

First let's just talk about this Resin kit. I have been modding and customizing kits for about 2 years now and this Resin Kit is a new experience for me. First I got this from Coldfire at about the same price as the regular MG strike is. (So a gundam with a resin kit is worth twice the regular gundam) Be Warned - if you'd also want to try this resin kit, you need the MG AILE strike, not any other strike version, without the Aile pack you wont be able to make the Evolved Aile striker pack which is mouthwatering GOOD. If you think you'd do fine without the Aile pack then by all means go!.

Now while test fitting this resin kit on my Aile Strike I found a few things which I'd like to point out. I'm viewing this event as a first timer in handling Resin Kits, if you've encountered resin kits before you should know what I'm talking about, I'm trying to share my experience in the sense that you may be wanting to try a resin kit as well.

- You need alot of TIME - If your like me who has 10 WIPS at the same time, postpone them all, sanding alone will take probably take you... forever
- you gonna need some glue, most of the part's here need glue to stick properly, while there are hole's and pegs most of those joint systems cannot or do not hold the part in place hence GLUE IT.
- A side note on glue - it takes twice the amount of time for super glue to glue 2 parts together on a resin kit than regular plastic from bandai - I have no idea why
- Be Extra Careful - A regular MG that I have can fall from my display cabinet to the ground (that sounds brutal) without any broken parts, but may have parts that are removed due to the shock, I DARE NOT TRY THAT ON A RESIN KIT. The material used for this kit is not as durable as bandai's plastic
- THE NUBS - if you thought nubs on a bandai kit were a pain - the nubs on a resin kit will kill you. The nubs here are about 5 times bigger, thicker, fat and square. - sometimes when cutting a nub you damage the very part itself (it happened to me several times)
- THE AMOUNT OF WORK - if you're looking at a 1/100 scale resin kit - think of it as the amount of work you would do on a PG
- This is not for beginners - really it ain't you'd end up giving up on the kit
- Do some research before buying your chosen resin kit - There are some resin kit's that require a whole model kit or sometimes just a frame - this is because the resin kit (like the one I have) requires some parts from the original gundam to build the final output
- Despite the amount of work a resin kit DEMANDS - it looks AWESOOOOOOME !!!! XD

Here is my resin kit - small box for it's price

 smaller than a 1/144 box

Contents - No there are no runner, but there are NUBS - BIG NUBS XD

The Aile Striker Pack - Again, this needs parts from the original Aile Striker Pack, if the Strike gundam you have is for example Strike + IWSP you wont be able to build this. The main wings are held by a very small peg and hole joint - it needed alot of glue.

  Test fit on the regular strike Gundam

Like I said, in spite of the Devastating amount of work to be done - Resin Kit's are AWESOME. They take Gundam's to the next Level. I actually decided to buy a Resin Kit after I've found out there's nothing more in Dalong's MG page that I'd like to buy that isn't released yet. (Yup I'm talking about the MG 00r and Epyon)

To the Gundam itself - it is an established fact, it looks Awesome, a PG in 1/100 scale form. It's molded in a buttery kind of yellow and I'm sure the details will pop out more after a round of primer.

The details - are to die for

I don't know why - but the legs are always THE most detailed part of the gundam. Shifting Knee armor? The resin kit really captured the look of the PG

Rear View - just as good as the front view, let no one tell you better. I can really say that the resin kit does make your strike EVOLVE. The details are sharp and crisp

The Arms

The Icing of the kit - the Aile striker pack, I think it would be a waste if you wouldn't build this. The thruster look way better!!

That's it guys. the next post about this resin will probably have Primer On.

So about Resin kits? Should you buy them? that DEPENDS on you. It depends on how much experience you have (experience in painting is a must), how dedicated are you in finishing this resin kit. I'd recommend you start on Resin kits that require an inner frame, before those whole/completely Resin kits since I don't have much faith on the material to hold a bigger amount of weight on it. Also Patience is indeed a virtue for this kits

Well, thanks guys for Reading. I'm off to my cousins house. I might be painting my Nexus Freedom XD

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