Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Update to the horse

This is a long overdue Blog post, this picture here has been posted for about a week now at MAC facebook page and is STILL getting "likes". This was the first picture of the horse when I first installed the hind legs. Right now it's supported by my deodorant and the front legs are just standing there freely

A day later, after much thinking I found a way how to attach the front legs to the horse's main body. This is the result. Ever since this picture, Comments have been pouring! From MAC's FB page and the Forum. I guess this is because it is very rare for someone to try out this "CRAZY IDEA" as some put it

It surprised me further that the horse can stand on it's own two feet with some balancing of course.

One more to show the size comparison with the Sinanju. Note that the sinanju will undergo Height mods so that this size comparison is only tentative and will soon change. This is a week old picture and TODAY I am currently working on the torso itself.

see you guys on the next update ^_^