Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1/144 Model Comprehend (MC) Hi Nu

Here's the Model Kit I bought together with the action bases. I must say this is the most awesome 1/144 scale out there. You should see one to believe it. Nothing else comes close to this. Upon completion of this kit, I instantly fell in love with the design, proportions and details of the kit. Considering it's a 1/144 scale kit, I think it can even rival some MG's for it's details. Bottom line guys, I recommend you buy this kit as much as I recommend you buy a Sinanju, Yup it's that awesome! The price is also very cheap, a 1/144 sinanju is probably more expensive than this while the box itself is as big as a 1/100 model kit's box.

The details on this kit are off the charts Amazing, I haven't seen anything like this one, it really is not from bandai hence I would not call this a knock-off, while it is based on a Gundam from BanDai it is definitely not based on a Bandai Model kit. As you can see I've already started detailing this baby more with koto parts and soon enough some more panel lines, I'm really excited what this would look like after all the mods I'm planning.

The legs are always the most detailed part of any gundam

The rear view is just as detailed and beautiful as the front view. Show casing the Hi Nu's elegant winged Back pack, with a tail fin. The kit comes included with those long propellant tanks, but it was those exaggerated kinds so I'd rather not put them on, they probably add to stability of the kit. 

 Really want to work on those legs ASAP

And that's just Beautiful

Should you buy this kit? that's a big YES. It's in the same price range as those bigger/more detailed 1/144 scales from 00, like the harute, reborns, 00 raiser. IT is very Cheap. It comes with beam effect parts for the wings to give it a full burst mode feel (that I dont really like, it seems too exaggerated) and effect parts for the swords. The manual itself is also a big step up from Bandai's manuals, the manual included here look's more like a magazine. And also something this kit has, that some kit's have and some kit's don't is what I call POTENTIAL. Building this kit made my Spider Sense for Customization Tingle, it alone or OOTB is very detailed already almost good enough to paint immediately I just couldn't resist not to mod such a BEAUTIFUL kit.

"I recommend you buy this kit as much as I would recommend you buy a Master Grade Sinanju"

Right now the company that made this (Model Comprehend) only has 2 models, the Hi-Nu and the regular Nu. I told my friends who also have this model that if MC were to launch other kits I'd definitely buy them (and they're very cheap) I'm praying for a Unicorn and 00 raiser and put in a Sinanju there too for there line up, can't wait to see the next model from MC 

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