Sunday, April 10, 2011

Got my Tallgeese III from Vanz today!

Hi guys! Had a toy haul today, and also met with Vanz Anasazi my Tag Team partner on our Tallgeese III 2.0 build. Was very surprised how the TG looked in person, it really is the 2.0 version of my first kit. We talked and talked about some of the other concepts on other kits I thought of.

Anyway to start the blog post right, my Toy Haul

I got my TG III back from vanz, I bought a stage act.4 base, and an MG Red Frame Astray.

These are bases from the stage act4. it has 3 sets for about 20USD price tag. I bought this for the reason that I want a base to put my Revoltech Iron Man because he had the same pose everyday since I bought him. I wanted to liven up his life a little bit with this base to make him look like he is flying XD. The one on the right is the result of combining some pieces here and there included in the pack.

Iron Man can now Levitate and...

The base also fits 1/144's very well too

With a little bit of tinkering, you can extend the base higher for 1/100 Gundam model kits. WARNING though, be careful in using it with 1/100 kits, the grip does not grip the kit well for heavier Gundam's like the SF or Destiny. You need to secure the Gundam on the stand very well so the gundam will be safe on the stand

Works very well with the 1/100 kits though! as the stand seems "barely there"

And here is the tallgeese, the stand really works well in holding it up, I have'nt put the feet yet since the designs are not yet final.

I used my old TG's feet and put it on the TG 2.0. I also was saving a pair of MG sinanju hands/manipulators for my next big project, and I think this calls for the job. I think the proportions of the big hands works well with the bulkiness of the kit.

Sorry about the bad lighting though, I can only get good shots when there is day light. Here it is on the ground

Right now as much as I am dying to detail this baby up because it's begging to be detailed. Functional mods are in order first since some of the mods done are either loose or too stiff mainly on the shoulder. I need also to finalize the design on the new feet for this TG before I can move on to detailing XD

Stay tuned for the next update. I can't promise when because I'll work on the functional mods I mentioned earlier like tightening the knees, tightening the shoulders some putty work etc. before I can move to detailing. XD

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Awesome work by vanz! Can't wait to see what other things you would do with this masterpiece. More power bro!

  2. SWEEEEEETT!!!! TG III is finally home !!

    nice hauls the base...

    looking forward on your next projects !! XD