Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tallgeese III ver 2.0 Feat. Vanz Anazasi

Hey Guys! I've recently had an update from my very good friend and mentor Sir Vanz Anazasi  (http://gmac300.blogspot.com/2011/03/tallgeese-iii-1100-hg-inner-frame_5514.html) He has taught me ALOT for my gunpla, from mods to clean up to airbrush-ing. Though I admit I haven't really Airbrushed any kit yet it feels like a big accomplishment to know how to use my airbrush XD I thank this guy very much, He has taught me more than he would admit himself.

I'm making this blog post because a few months ago I thought of doing ver 2.0 of the MG conversion of the tallgeese I made years ago. But due too lack of time, I was afraid I wasn't going to finish the project. So I asked Sir Vanz to help me out. Of course I would credit him for all he has done to the kit. So we met up and brainstormed on how to tackle the kit and this was the output

This is so awesome! My mouth is really watering to see this, I almost can't believe it is mine. The tallgeese here features an internal frame (from a strike freedom and the arms are from a regular strike gundam, both MG's of course) There are no weapons and shield because it is still with me :D The 1/100 kit was very disappointing (well almost all the pre 00 gundams were) and I loved the tallgeese design so much that I made a tallgeese conversion and this is now the second one.

Boasting Articulation

I haven't seen this kit for a long time all I know is it's designed to have almost all the articulation a regular MG kit has. I later on would use up all the skills and resources I have to detail this baby up with panel lines, pla plates and koto parts. I also have a few metal thrusters here and this Tallgeese is one of my kits that deserves those parts. XD

You can view the rest of the pics and WIP here http://gmac300.blogspot.com/2011/03/tallgeese-iii-1100-hg-inner-frame_5514.html

Due to my tight schedule I have trouble of acquiring this Tallgeese from Vanz but we both are very excited to see the next step in evolution of the Tallgeese 2.0 Rest Assured I want to get this baby MORE than any of you :D

Till next post guys!

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