Saturday, March 26, 2011

1/144 Qan[T] + GN sword IV full saber WIP 1

Hey guys! I'm really sorry it took a long time for my second post. Classes for me have resumed so I have less free time to do stuff. I've been able to finish this kit last night but was too sleepy to blog about it. Anyway here's what I have to show. Enjoy

Got the two HG kits from greenhills where I also had a meetup with someone to get the Full Saber add on kit for the HG Qan[t]

Got excited with the G gundam so I was not able to post a WIP about it XD though I did mod it to make it taller by adding 3 layers of 2.0 pla plate in the thigh joint. I think this greatly improves the proportions of the kit. At the end of this blog post I'll show a comparison shot with the HG unicorn gundam, which is a very tall 1/144 kit, it almost catches up to the 1/100 MG WZC/Ver. ka kit.

Now Let's assemble the Qan[t] !!!

Here's the head and the torso

The arms, the arms are very much based on the 00 gundam's arms, I wonder if the GN sword III can fit into this

and here's the legs! still alot of resemblance from the 00 gundam

Here is the main mobile suit put together

Let's move to the good part, the weapons and the new GN shield

The HG 1/144 Qan[t] completed kit

Let's move to that add-on kit which cost as much as it's base kit, the GN sword IV Full Saber. I bought this from someone without the magazine, so I had to build it without a manual. I also do not like the fact it is the crystal version, I really prefer the original but this is what was available, anyway I later will paint it so no worries

It's composed of one big sword or the main body, 3 small handgun/blade hybrid and the backpack add on for  the HG Qan[T]

Here is the Full Saber, I'm having trouble though with the 3rd hand gun/blade that attaches at the back side of the GN sword, it seems to be very loose. XD

Here's the Full Saber with the HG Qan[T], or is it the other way around? XD. This looks awesome on the kit, it completes the assymetry of the Qan[T]. I saw somewhere over the internet someone scratchbuilt a 1/100 version of this for his master grade. I think it was later featured on one of the japanese magazines as the cover page. Lucky Guy!

Contrary to the very mobile and articulated arm that holds the GN shield, the arms that holds the full saber lacks much articulation. Still very Awesome though!

I really love it's effect on the kit. It makes the already cool looking Qan[t] just more awesome and bulks it up just like what the 0 raiser does to the 00 gundam

And this kit... Was meant to be posed! I mean it! The level of articulation on this kit is astonishing. Though the Qan[T] is very similar in build next to the 00 gundam, the Qan[t] seems easier to pose because right now my Qan[T]'s joints seem to still be very fresh and hold the kit really well. The 00 raiser also has alot of weight on it's shoulders compared to this one.

I'm planning to do some Height modifications on this kit. I've already practiced and used my 00 raiser condenser type as a test bed for some the mods, needs some clean up though and a little revision, one of the mods made a joint loose. XP now we can't have that on such an awesome kit now can we? Here's my modified 00 raiser's height in comparison with the HG Qan[T]. Let's assume that the 00 gundam was once as tall as the Qan[T]. I plan to mod it to almost the same height as the 00 raiser if possible

If you remember at the beginning of this post I showed you the Height mods I did on the G gundam? Here I have the modified G gundam, 00 raiser and the out of the box Qan[T] in comparison in height with the OOTB (out of the box) Unicorn gundam (destroy mode)

You can see it towers over all three of them regardless of the height modifications I have made. The Qan[T] looks very small now in relation to all three of them.

No worries, modifications are coming soon! See you guys soon! and thanks for viewing!

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