Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Beginning

Hi all and welcome to my blog!

I made this blog primarily for my growing interest and devotion to the Gunpla world, where I intend to post my Work In Progress(es). This shows how I modify or customize my gundams which I really am fond of doing. Warning though, I tend to have a lot of WIP's and only a few Completed works :D

my modified MG Strike Freedom

I also wish to share here in my blog my completed works, I'll later provide a gallery of my previous works once I figure out how XP

my custom MG Astray "smoke" frame

Following my passion for this hobby, I also want to post simple reviews on the Gundam model kits that I acquire, focusing on the "should-you-buy-this-kit" point of view"

my out of the box MG qan[t] 

There are also some Action figures that I have seen over the net or have luckily acquired, like my recently acquired Revoltech Iron Man - which for me is one super awesome figure!!! I think I'll get some more revoltechs - the evangelion evolution unit 01 looks pretty cool!

I'd like to include my blog's goals and objectives to review this action figures so I could deviate a little from the Gunpla focus
revoltech Iron Man: Mk VI

Stay tuned for more guys!

my completed works - custom Astray and modified 1/100 00 raiser XP

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  1. Congratz to your new Blog @amir!!! and welcome to blogging!!! XDD

    keep it up bro!! XD