Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An invetment

Hey Guys! How ya been? It's been a long time since my last blog post, I was very buisy for stuff in school since I'm graduating and now I'm a bachelor's degree holder. Anyway that's not the point of the blog post, the point of the blog post is this purchase I made in 168 mall in Divisoria (philippines). I was able to buy 8 knock off mechanical chain bases for about 30-40USD (1500 php). I also bought a very interesting model kit, that is not made by Ban Dai but rather a new but small company Model Comprehend. We'll took about that on a later blog post. Bottom line I bought all those found in the picture of about a price of a regular MG kit. I strongly feel that the purchase was well worth it. Let's check out what's inside the boxes

Put together and side by side the bases could accomodate the size of 2 MG's without looking too congested or cluttered. I must say this shot alone already gives the "hangar feel" to me, I am most likely going to take pictures from this "Hangar".

Out of the box, the kotobukiya mechanical chain bases have little 1/100 scale add on's to make your Hangar Diorama complete with forklifts, Containers of different sizes, spotlights, weapon racks, small truck thingies, I even saw some missiles in there. The rest of the pics show them combined, Since I have 8 of these bases I have alot of this add-on's to my Hangar, should you get only 1 their would only be a few included. Of course the white 1/100 scale people there are from the 1/100 MG's I have. Now that is starting to look like a very buisy Hangar.

I tried the base with only 1 MG to make things not look to cluttered. So here is my beloved FA sinanju. 

and here it is with my Nexus Freedom. (this guy is long over due for a paint job)

That's it guys. I just wanted to share with you this purchase I made. THE BASES I BOUGHT ARE KNOCK OFF's. I'm not interested in using this diorama for a competition, my very purpose for buying this is for photo shoot's and something to house my gundams. I also wish to use this with my reviews that I still have yet to make. I'd like to recommend that you buy them. Whether knock off or not having a Hangar like this would make your Gundam/Mecha feel right at Home.


  1. Sh1t wrong spelling, that's an INVESTMENT

  2. Where did you get the bases? I want one for my MG 1/100 Sinanju as well... btw they are very nice, I don't care if they are knock offs.