Friday, May 20, 2011

my First Perfect Grade - PG strike gundam

First let me start about the decision I made to buy this PG. As you all probably know, bandai only releases only 1 PG per year, So the choice for the PG's are very limited. Take my word on this though, this is probably the only Perfect Grade you should buy (along with the strike rouge XD) For those who really know me from the MAC forums and GMAC group in facebook, they all know me as a very hard core fan of 00 raiser. I am VERY excited to get my hands on the MG 00 raiser but the reviews lately have me disappointed, BUT the PG 00 raiser is the BIGGER disappointement. For it's very big price tag, there is no excuse that the cons should outway the Pro's. and then there's the latest PG SF.... 1 week after the launch I found out that the peg for the wings is very fragile and tends to break, people online even posted their own remedies for thisBack to the PG series... well a PG needs big bucks, this PG strike is on the cheap side since it's backpack (skygrasper and aile striker pack) is sold seperately, unlike the 00raiser and Strike freedom this is about half the price and this PG did not fail to disappoint.

well, this is not really a review, rather it's an introduction to another WIP of mine that I hope to complete someday XD

Right now I've only begun slight modification on the rifle and on the backpack. I'm not planning to put the aile striker there so I took some scrap for the backpack instead. The rifle has many cool add-ons that I have based on modern weapons today

I felt that the rifle was a little short for the tall and macho PG strike so I added an adjustable stock using koto parts and some pla beams (sorry for the unrotated pics XD)



Next I added a "holographic sight" which as far as I know is the correct term. I added a koto part at the end of the gun which looks like an iron sight to help with aiming. you can look through it and it slightly looks like a first person shooter video game.

can you see the little small triangle???

I also added some bits and pieces from other kits to the other end of the gun to simulate a laser pointer or a flashlight and a grenade launcher underneath.

And I made a custom "rail" on top of the gun, loosly based on the actual G36 rifle.

That's all I can update for now folks! I hope to do some more mods on the backpack and also the sniper rifle I am scratchbuilding XD. Till the next update guys. 

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  1. In military terms, those are called fore-sight(for the front) and hind-sight(for the rear) as far as i can remember.. But nonetheless, its very cool.

    Grenade launcher is a nice add-on, i dont understand about the torchlight tho...