Thursday, June 9, 2011

A long Due update on my blog - 1/144 MC Hi-Nu Ver EA.

Long time no blog yeah? Well first of all thank you for all the followers and viewers I have though I'd hope for more interaction with you XP. No, I really do.

This is what I've been up too lately. Got really inspired looking at Master Eday's work on his 1/144 kits. So I took my MC Hi-Nu which is the missing link between the 1/100 and 1/144 scale. A perfect step to stepping down from MG to 1/144. I'm also taking this kit as "warm-up" for BKMWC this year. Hopefully I could finish this and actually reach the point of painting  this kit (the last kit I panted was a year ago). Still not decided what to do for this year's BMKWC. Only Sir Vanz has an idea XP.

Anyway let's move on to the reason your here in my blog

Most of my Bro's from GMAC are familiar with my MC Hi-Nu. What I did here is based on master Eday's totally AWESOME work on his 1/144 kits. I had to extend his waist upward though for about 1cm to accomodate the mods then added some piston works and koto parts. If your familiar with the kit you'll know it's about as tall as MG WZC, after the mods it's 1 head smaller than MG Blue Frame. Due to the unfinished work on the waist the back arches back because of the weight of the backpack, thankfully the fuel tanks saved the day X)

Right now I'm experiencing shortage on the koto parts I use for making the pistons. So more mods for pistons will be postponed for now. Actually there are 2 pairs of pistons here. (4pcs in total, the bigger ones cover smaller ones at the back not seen in pic). I promise better pics and a tutorial on this pistons next blog post guys XD.

Next thing I'm gonna do while waiting for the replacement of the koto parts I use for this pistons is to add pla plates to the inner torso since after the cutting the female and male peg joints in the torso can be seen and also for added strength and stability. I also need to finish the back since this gundam probably has more weight on it's back rather than the gundam itself.

and of course there's pla plating XD. That's all folks here another Pic for your enjoyment

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  1. how the heck do you do the piston?? can you teach me? materials and stuff?