Saturday, June 18, 2011

What I've been up to lately

Well, this are the thing I've been up to lately. I apologize for the lack of continuity in my blog. I started the MC Hi-Nu and never got to posting WIP part 2 for the kit. XP Right now I really don't have the luxury of time so the progress on my kits are ever so slow. Once it's July I think I'll be working on different kits on different phases of WIP at the same time (modding 1 kit, sanding another and painting another one). Anyway, just to keep my viewers interested, here's what I've been up to lately.

I'm sure you recognize this guy XP

I've also "kitbashed" a Rx-78 SCM. EX figure to a 1/144 00 gundam. The SCM EX series of banpresto has very articulated figures, they only have a small range of figures but the articulation just blew me away

I've also recently joined the forum "Gundam Eclipse", I've been warmly welcomed and thank the admin for accepting me. I joined the forum under the name NexusPrime20. I joined the forum  to join their "Summer War Contest", a gundam competition that ENCOURAGES modifications. So this is the competition for me, I've always told Sir Vanz Hilario that "I don't know how to make a clean build, I MUST ALWAYS have mods on my kit" XP  hahaha, so this is my entry for GE's Summer contest (apparently it's summer in the US)

Thanks for viewing guys! XP And I'm definitely more excited to start Working on my kits again, than you are to see updates on them

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