Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comeback Post - RG Sazabi???

Hi All!

It's as if every time I make a post for this blog, I apologize since it's been a long time since my last post. So as to not break tradition.... My apologies for not posting for a very long time (a year if my memory serves me right)

Anyway, alot of things have happened in the Gunpla world I missed GBWC 2011, GBWC 2012 rules have been altered and half of the Pinoy Gunpla population have serious thoughts on passing GBWC 2012. Such as me. I simply can't afford to get all the kits I used in my sinanju from Toy's R Us AND I don't think they even have all the kits I used. I'll make a separate post for my Sinanju later in the week.

In another side of life, Life must go on and so do more projects. I slowly fell in love with the Sazabi design after seeing some resin conversion kits for the MG.

 I simply loathe the MG Sazabi and IMO it definitely needs a 2.0 version. We're getting a Nu Ver. Ka in December (which is kinda pricey) hopefully this means a Sazabi Ver. Ka is also coming 2013 (Fingers crossed). I later decided to buy me a 1/144 Sazabi which per reviews is very very good. I was unlucky enough to find a red one but was lucky enough to find a white GPB color Sazabi on sale. Just recently
a resin conversion kit was released which converts your Zaku 2.0 frame to a small Sazabi based on the Formania design.

Though this kit is available locally it is kinda Pricey almost as much as an unbuilt MG Sazabi and with past experience with resin kits I know how much work you need to put into this thing to produce quality outcome which makes it a No-No for me. This Simply Gave me an idea to use a Zaku 2.0 frame for my GPB White Sazabi.

Behold my attempt to Convert the 1/144 Sazabi to an MG

Earlier Version Converting Upper Torso Only

With the Zaku extremities attached. Completed this around mid-week last week. With work in the way I concluded it's best to do the extremities on the weekend since this will take alot of planning. Of course quality cannot be set aside. 

And I was right! The Legs we're a Huge pain to convert! This is always the hard part when doing conversions. Key is always to find the right frame for your kit. Of course not all frames are available and sometimes you need to make do of what you have. Though difficult Outcome reaches expectations as well as Quality Check.

As you can see I was only able to convert the lower leg and the feet. I haven't even thought of a way to attach the knees. While I can use the thigh armor of Zaku I feel it is too big and I want a "Macho" Saz not a "Fat" Saz so I may change this in the future. I have no idea what to do with the arms at this point hopefully I get hit with something within the week.

I have always been an articulation Nut and I was happy to see that I unconsciously improved the leg articulation of the 1/144 Saz. Using the very impressive Zaku 2.0 frame I was able to give a toe joint for the 1/144 Saz. The original 1/144 had static feet. My only problem is I think the foot sits to close to the lower leg. I may want to extend the "ankle" to get the proportions I want. I need to have a conversation with Sazabi experts Sir Vanz and Sir Arthur and see what they have to say.

While the FA Unicorn and Sinanju dwarfs my Sazabi this kit has a different "Sex Appeal" to it compared to the other kits on my shelf. When I completed the feet last night I had a hard time not looking at the Saz and simply admiring my work telling myself  "It's nice to see that you have executed the plans you've made and outcome is beautiful".

There will be a GMAC meetup next week September 29 in Oyster Boy Greenhills and I'll be bringing this baby along to discuss proportions with my friends. I'm not sure what else to bring. Any requests?

Anyway this wraps up my comeback post. I got alot of likes at facebook GMAC page with the torso conversion for this guy, hopefully the legs get your attention as well. I just want to let you guys know, Conversions are very hard to pull off and most of the time they are not perfect. Take a look below on my 1mm Seam line. Thankfully the trade of for that seam line is that the leg armors are removable from the frame

Till next post! Let's see the updates on Veyron Deathwing.

Photo taken by Jeremy Macalino from GMAC at Best of Anime SMX convention center Sep. 15-16

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